sons of san joaquin - "blue prarie-crd"


Subject: resending Blue Prairie; Sons of Pioneers, Sons ofSan Joaquin 1934 version

The Sons of San Joaquin recorded a remake of "Blue Prairie". It differs from
the 1946 recording I have submitted earlier of the Sons of the Pioneers by
using the last verse first and twice at the end; and by having an
additional set of lyrics (left off the 1946 recording). According to the
Sons of San Joaquin's liner notes about "Blue Prairie" on the CD "A Cowboy
has to Sing"; the Sons of the Pioneers originally recorded the tune "Blue
Prairie in 1934 on Standard Radio Transcriptions. "Blue Prairie" was written
by Bob Nolan and Tim Spencer of the "Sons of the Pioneers".

The additional lyrics make this 1934 version (remade by the Sons of San
Joaquin) more of a challenge to a player then the simpler 1946 version. I
think with the addition of the additional bridge this version could be
called a deluxe version of this haunting piece.

*** Blue Prairie *************************************
(Capo up to 3rd Fret for same Key as recording)

Am F Em
Blue Prairie, Blue echoes ring
Dm E7 Am
Blue as I sing of a longing
F E7 Am
Blue as you....

Am E7
Weary day and lonely night,
Am E7
Seem to say that nothin's right
C C7 F Fm6
Everything is feelin' blue oooh,
C Am G G7
Here in my very soul I feel it too, oooh
Am E7 C
Far in the distant hills I hear a cry,
G# G# G G7
And silent hushed but no reply
C C7 F Fm6
Prairie won't you tell me true,
Cm Gdim G
Why have you cast this gloomy blanket of blue,
G7 C
Over you?

Am F Em
Blue prairie, Blue are the skies.
Dm E7 Am F E7
Blue are the sighs, Of a night wind, Fallin'.

Am F Em
Blue Prairie, Blue are the hills.
Dm E7 Am F E7
Blue are the trills, Of a nightbird, Callin'.

Am E Am E Am E Am
Every beatin' heart beats a rhythm that is blue.
Am E7 Am E7 Am E7 Am
And the moon has cast a blue reflection on the moon
So the wind while on it's way,
Seems to cry and sigh and say
Gdim F#dim Gdim (or down to Fdim)
Blue ooooh ooooh
repeat verse 1, then chorus, and again repeat verse one to end song

__________suggested chords________________________

Fdim XX0101 or 000101 (for more disonant haunting sound)
F#dim XX1212
Fm6 XX0111
Gdim XX2323
G# XX6544
G X55433 (this version of G chord sounds better than the-
more opened string version for this piece)