Bob Wills - "Milk Cow Blues"

[G]Well I woke up this morning , looked out the door .

I can tell my milk cow .I can tell by the way she loathes

If you [C]see.... my milk cow ,please..... drive her on [G]home .

Cause i ain't [D]had no milk n butter....[C] since that cow's been

Well you gotta treat me right honey . day by day .

Get out your little prayerbook , get down on your knees & pray

Cause you gonna [C] need me . Gonna need my...... help some[G]day

Lawd you[D] goin to be sorry ,[C] You treated me, this a[G]way.

Sail on sail on . Sail on little gal sail on

[C]Sail on sail on. Sail on little gal [G]sail on

You're gonna keep right on[D] 2 sailin .... [C]till you loose
.....your[G] happy home.

Well good evenin , don't that sun look good goin down .
I said well good evenin . Don't that sun look good goin down .
& don't that ol army cot look lonely when your lover ain't noplace
around .
Well I tried everything baby to get along with you .
Now I'm a gonna tell you ,what I'm a gonna do
I'm gonna stop my crying , gonna leave you alone .
& if you don't think I'm leavin big momma just count them days I'm gone
You ain't gonna see me . ain't gonna see my sweet face no more .
You gonna be wondrin honey where in the world ......... I'm gone

i use 7th chords thruout ....