swope jeff - "she belongs to you-crd"


Subject: She Belongs To You by Jeff Swope

She Belongs To You
Written and Performed by Jeff Swope

This is about right. It has kind of a Brad Paisley feel to it, like he did in
"Who Needs Pictures"
The same beat anyways. Try this, or capo it ina different key as you see fit.
Happy playing!

Opening with piano and acoustic guitar... little accompniment
Follow into steel and fiddles later.

G Em
They throw around their hearts as if they're children's toys
And I can't help but wonder if they know
G Em
'Cause love don't mean a thing to teenage loverboys
Who claim that they're the one for so-and-so
G Em
But I know for a fact that hearts are more than that
And I prize the one that Jesus gave to me
G Bm
And once you win the heart of her, you just can't give it back
Am D
Looks like I'm the only one who can plainly see … that

G Bm7
CH: It ain't a prize to be won at the county fair
C9 D C D
It ain't a winning number in a hat
G Bm7
And it ain't a lucky hand in last night's poker game
Oh boy you know her heart
D D7
Is worth much more that
G Em
So treasure every day that you're alive with her
C Em7
And know, my friend, that every word is true
C Am D
Oh there's no definition to a 'one true love'
D7 C D G
As long as you know that she belongs to you

G Bm7
Well I can't put my finger on a single word
That really says exactly how I feel
G Em
And nothing I can say will beat what she's already heard
But that don't mean a thing
When what you have is real


Instrumental (Chorus Pattern w/Steel guitar)

Bm7 C D G
You'd better know that she belongs to you