swope jeff - "more than friends-lyr"


Subject: lyrics to more_than_friends_by_jeff_swope

by Jeff Swope <[email protected]>
Moderately fast, bouncy beat to it.

Again this song has no music. I NEED HELP!?

There you were walkin' up to me
I couldn't help but turn to see

You looked at me with your pretty eyes
It was then that I realized

Just what I wouldn't give to have you
Here with me
You said, 'Hey, do you wanna dance?'
I said, 'Maybe I can take that chance'

Then you and I hooked up -
And now I need you desperately


You're more to me than just
Some simple girl I grew to love
I swore to me you must
Have been a gift from God above

And I can't tell you what it means
To hear you say that you love me

That isn't where it has to end

Where more than friends


Verse two

It was magic that very night
Must've been love at the very first sight

And that night I fell in love again
And long after you and I could be friends

I knew how it would be
In the very end