swope jeff - "from the heart-lyr"


Subject: Lyrics to "FROM THE HEART" by jeff_swope

Any music writers feel free to get in touch with me,
I am a fifteen year old singer/entertainer who needs
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written by Jeff Swope
no music but free for suggestions
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When someone meets that someone
That they're sure they really love
You can put nothing in between them
Nor under or above

To say that love is magic
Is entirely untrue
'Cause love is simply splendid
And it's something that we do


It's from the heart
And I know without a doubt
That if you really meant it
You'd have said it by now
-I can't change the past
Or make the future last
But until then
I'm givin' us a fresh start-
Makin' my love come from the heart

verse two

Yes, there've been times
Oh, once or twice
That love may fall apart
But that would mean
That love's not love
'Cause love comes from the heart

And all day long
I'm whispering
The things you like to say
To make me smile
Or turn my head
And completely make my day



But until then
Let's give our love a brand new start
Let's make our love come from the heart