swope jeff - "friendship vow-lyr"


Subject: friendship_vow_by_jeff_swope

By Jeff Swope <[email protected]>

No music to this one either. Any songwriter who can read music - can you help
me out? This song is more of a poem. But thanks anyways,

I'm just flesh and bone like you
With problems of my own

That wouldn't be here had I not
Left well enough alone

My name is a reminder
Of a shadow from my past

Another entertainer
Who was just too good to last

I've seen my life flash before me
Its not accounted for

When problems jump in front of me
I've always begged for more

And when I say I've changed again
It's just another lie

I never seem to change just right
But heaven knows I try

If now would be my time to go
What would you see me as?

Would you think of times we shared
Or lock me in the past?

Remember me as your good friend
Who tried his best each day

Not by my songs
Or what I drew
Or things I threw away

I may have been a sweetie
I've been known to really charm

And when I stabbed you in the back
You always seemed alarmed

I never meant to cause you pain
Or make you feel unsure

And if I did I'm sorry
I won't do it anymore

We all have trials and things in life
Which make us do bad things

Sometimes they really can inspire:
Reasons why I sing

But when I thought my patience
Had been tested to the end

I looked to you and there you were
You've always been my friend

You made me look down from my clouds
Of worry and regret

When Satan himself smiled and said
"You ain't seen nothing yet"

You took my hand and said "No fear -
It won't be here too long"

You've always been my friend
So I am writing you this song

You came into my life
And brightened up my sadder days

A new beginning
I see it now

For you…

…I change my ways