parnell lee roy - "water to drowning man-crd"


Subject: Lee Roy Parnell

Givin' Water to a Drowning Man written by:Gary Nicholson
Lee Roy Parnell
recorded by Lee Roy Parnell on "We All Get Lucky Sometimes"

1.I appreciate your sweet kind words
And girl you're lokking good tonight
Had you come around not too long ago
I'm sure we'd had us a time
But I got someone givin' me more love than I'll ever need
Girl you got to understand
C1.It'd be like givin' water to a drowning man
Building a fire n the desert sand
Tellin' old Noah all about the flood
Catfish hearing 'bout the Mississippi mud
You want to give me lovin' and I'm sure that you can
But it's like givin' water to a drowning man

2.Lots of pretty women in this town
But I don't give a second look
It's just a waste of time staring at the cover
When you've already read the book
'Cause ever since the day we met I've been in over my head
No one loves me like she can

C2.It'd be like givin' water to a drowning man
Tellin' Merle Haggard 'bout a one night stand
Cussin' at the devil, preachin' at the choir
Throwing a lighted match on a raging fire
My baby gives me more love than any one man can stand
It'd be like givin' water to a drowning man

Paul Leafgreen
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