parnell lee roy - "on the road-crd"


Subject: Song On the Road LRP

On The Road

Sung by (the great) Leeroy Parnell
Written by Bob McDill
CD: On the Road

Prepared by Allan Travers

Sung Key: Ab
[Ab] [Db] [Eb7] [Fm]
Capo 1st Fret play these chords: [G] [C] [D7] [Em]

Intro: Ab Db Ab Db Ab Db Ab Db
Guit Solo: Ab Db Ab Db Ab Db Ab Db

There's a [Ab]sad young [Db]wife never [Ab]had a life [Db]
Her [Ab]mother says she [Db]married young [Ab] [Db]
And her [Ab]husband's a [Db]fool never [Ab]listened to [Db]
[Ab]All the things she's [Db]never done [Ab]
So she [Eb7]packs up that [Db]old Ford [Ab]Fairlane
She's [Eb7]had about [Db]all she can [Ab]bare
A [Eb7]suitcase, a[Db] hope, and a [Ab]hard rain,
She's [Db]gonna find it all some[Eb7]where


On the [Ab]road [Db]
Where the night is [Eb7]black
On the [Ab]road [Db]
Where you don't look [Eb7]back
There's a [Fm]white line in the [Db]distance
Where it's [Ab]going [Eb7]nobody [Db]knows
If it's [Ab]any[Eb7]where you'll [Db]find it
On the [Ab]road

There's a teenage kid no matter what he did
Nobody ever understands
And he don't measure up and he's had enough
Can't be his daddy's little man
So he pulls out that hot rod Chevy
Puts in his favorite cassette
Well he ain't goin' to no college
The world is waitin' up ahead


Eddie and Jill got time to kill
The kids they never come around
And a gold-plated watch was all he got
When the company shut his life down
So he takes out that old Airstream
They don't know where they're bound
Sixty-five years and still searchin'
For something that they never found


On the road