orbison roy - "pretty woman3-crd"


Subject: Oh Pretty woman "minor corrections"

Roy Orbison

Played in the Key of (A) but starts with run/riff in
(E) chord
should be played @ 100 beats per minuet

(E) Pretty (A) Woman walking (F#m) down the street
Pretty (A) Woman
the kind I`d (F#m) like to meet Pretty (D) Woman
I don`t be (E) leive you, you're not the truth
No one could look as good as you (E)"4 count riff"

Pretty (A) Woman won`t you (F#m) pardon me Pretty
(A) Woman
I could`nt (F#m) help but see Pretty (D) Woman
that You look (E) lovely as can be
Are you lonely and just like me (E) "4 count riff"

"strike heavy down strokes (E) (E) (D)

(D) Pretty Woman (G) stop a while
(C) Pretty Woman (Am) talk a while
(F) Pretty Woman (G) give your smile to (C) me
(D) Pretty Woman (G) yeah yeah yeah
(C) Pretty Woman (Am) look my way
(F) Pretty Woman (G) say you`ll stay with (C) me (Am)

cause I (F) need you I`ll treat you (G) right
(C) Come with me (Am) baby (F) be mine to (G) ni (E)
"4 count riff"

Pretty (A) Woman don`t (F#m) walk on by Pretty (A)
Don`t (F#m) make me cry
Pretty (D) Woman don`t (E) walk away, hey /////// OK

If that's the way it must be OK ////////
I guess I`ll go on home, it`s late
We`ll meet tomorrow night, but wait///////
What do I see?//// start riff here //////// Is she
walking back to me?////////(E)continue riff to end
Yeah, she`s walking back to me ///////
Oh. oh, Pretty (A) Woman