owens buck - "looking back to see-lyr"


Subject: Song Lyrics

-----Buck Owens & Susan Ray-----
I was lookin' back to see
If you were lookin' back to see,
If I was lookin' back to see,
If you were lookin' back at me;
You were cute as you could be
Standin' lookin' back at me,
And it was plain to see
That I'd enjoy your company.

Now, one Sunday afternoon
I was walkin' down the street,
I met a cute little girl
All dressed up so sweet;
And the way that she was stacked,
I wished I had a Cadillac;
But who would notice me
Just a drivin' this Model T.

Now, listen baby, it don't make
No difference to me,
'Cause in your Model T
You're as cute as you can be;
If you'll take me for a ride
I will sit close by your side,
And I will guarantee
We'll have fun oh man alive!