Joe Nichols - "Impossible (CRD-3)"

(G)My dad chased monsters from the da(C)rk checked underneath my be(G)d
He could(G/F#m)lift me with one ar(Em)m way up o(Am)ver to(D)p his he(G)ad
He could loosen rusty bo(C)lts with a quick turn of his wre(G)nch
He pulled(G/F#m)splinters from his han(Em)ds and ne(Am)ver e(D)ven flin(C)ched
In thirteen years I ne(Em)ver seen him cr(Em7)y but the(Am)day my grandpa di(Em7)ed
I re(C)alized(D)


(D)Unsinkable sh(G)ips sink unbreakable wa(D)lls break
Sometimes the th(Em)ings you think could ne(Em7)ver happen
Ha(C)ppen just like th(D)at unbendable(G)steel bends if the fu(F#m)rry of the
Wi(Bm)nd is unsto(C)ppable I've lear(Am)ned to never un(Em7)derestima(C)te
(D)The im(G)possible

(G)Then there was my junior(C)year Billy had a brand new c(G)ar
It was(G/F#m)late the road was we(Em)t I guess the(Am)curve was(D)just too sha(G)rp
I walked away without a sc(C)ratch they brought the helicopter(G)in
Billy(G/F#m)couldn't feel his le(Em)gs said he ne(Am)ver wa(D)lk aga(C)in
But Billy said he would and his(Em)mom and daddy pr(Em7)ayed
And the(Am)day we gradu(Em7)ated he stood(C)up to say(D)

Repeat Chorus
Lead Rhythm: G,D,Em,C,D

So don't(C)tell me that it's over don't give(Em)up on you(Em7)and me
Cause there's(Am)no such thing as ho(Em7)peless if(C)you believe(D)

Repeat Chorus