novelty - "bullshippers-crd"



Recorded by Dave Dudley
Words and music by Red Simpson

[C] This old rig that I'm drivin' ain't the [F] sharpest on the road
These old [C] bulls that I'm haulin' ain't per-[G7] fume
But if it [C] wasn't for a lot of those truck [F] drivers just like me
Then, [C] who would bring those [G7] T-Bone steaks to [C] you.

[C] We're the Bullshippers, [F] big Bullshippers
A-[C] haulin' them old bulls across the [G7] land
We're the [C] Bullshippers, [F] big Bullshippers
[C] Bullshippin', [G7] truck drivin' [C] men.

This ain't the best job in the world, that I know
And some people may look down their nose at me
But I'd rather be a strugglin' with these big old rowdy bulls
Than haulin' a load of T-N-T.


There's a lot of pretty waitresses that I always see
Ev'ry time I'm makin' my run
Well, I tell 'em that I love 'em, but they just laugh and say
"You big, Bullshippin' son-of-a-gun!"


TAG: Yeah! (We're.....start chorus and fade)