mcgraw tim - "dont mention memphis-crd"


Subject: Don't Mention Memphis by Tim McGraw

song: Don't Mention Memphis
by: Tim McGraw
album: All I Want
*This song is kinda hard cause it's in piano,
but it's even harder to sing*

(E)Mister, can you take me into(B)little(E)rock,

(A)I'll buy the (E)coffee, and I'll (B)fill your truck, I'll

(A)listen all night if you(C#m)wanna talk,

(A)Just don't(B)Mention(E)Memphis,

(E)We can talk about your(B)fam-i-(E)-ly,

(A)Politics, (E)music, and phi-(B)-losophy,

(A)Any ol' subject's all (C#m)right with me,

(A)Just don't(B)mention(E)memphis,


Or (C#m)blue eyes, and (B)light brown hair,

An (A)angel waving to me at the (B)top of the stairs,

The (A)hardest thing I did was leave her,

(C#m)standin' there__,(B),

(A)So, don't (B)mention(E)memphis.

(E) (A) (B) (E)

(E)Pass me the thermos and I'll (B)fill your(E)truck,

(A)We'll make(E)Texas with a (B)little luck, And

(A)I'm hangin' with ya till the(C#m)sun comes up,

(A)So don't (B)mention(E)memphis,


(A)I don't wanna (B) talk about (E) Memphis__!