Kenny Chesney - "I Will Stand"


I Will Stand
(Mark Germino/Casey Beathard (ASCP/BMI)
>From Kenny Chesney From his I Will Stand Cd

I will not be the one , who turns his back and runs , when things get rocky
down the line.

I will not be the one, holdin' the smoking gun if are love does not stand
test of time


I will love you forever , I will be your man , besides you always I will

(end of chorus one)

I didn't say I do, to take control of you, I have no chains to hold you

If you let me spread my wings, you'll get the best of me, deep in your heart
is where I'm bound.

I will not forsake you , I will take your hand , beside you always , I will

(Chorus 2)

No matter what happens , this feelin' will stay till the day that I die.

You'll fill up the heart of my soul, that I'll take to the other side

You'll be the only one , when all is said and done. I'll keep you close to
me I swear.

If ever you are down , no need to look around , just close your eyes and
be there.

I'll love you forever, I will be your man, besides you always I will stand