Kenny Chesney - "Back In My Arms Again"


Back In My Arms Again
(Lee Roy Parnell/Rory Michael Bourke/Chris Moore (ASCP)
From The Cd Me and You

People always say hindsight is twenty twenty. When it comes to mistakes in
love , girl I got

plenty. But the one that sticks at the most of my mind , is the night I
you standing on

front porch cryin ,living for the day I can make it all up to you.


To your back in my arms , back in my arms again , to your back in my arms I
will be

whole lonesome till then. Honey I wont eat , I wont even sleep , I'll be
walkin' these

souls of both of my feet. Till your back in my arms , back in my arms

Well I'm getting to know this town old town like never before , walkin'
street ,

knocking on every door , girl where ever you are I want you back. I love
baby and I'm

sure about that. What ever it takes , theres nothing that I wont do.

(Repeat Chorus)

I must of been a fool , I confess to ever let you go , I aint gonna wait
think that is what

he is saying)

Repeat Chorus