Kenny Chesney - "Ain't That Love"

I will always remember the first time that we met and the first time that I
kissed your lips.

Is a thing I wont forget. The special way you held me is the way you hold me

and I knew right then you love me and I know you always will.


Aint that love , aint that how it's supposed to be when two hearts come
as one.

Just like you and me , aint that love , shining in your eye's , heaven sent
from up above.

Aint that love.

My grandpa and my grandma , my momma and my dad , didn't have a lot of

But love is what they had , their love kept them together through the many

Tho life was hard , they shard it all through the laughter and the tears.

Repeat chorus

Baby your the sunshine that brightens up my day , and I will always stand by

Darling come what may, and I will always love you , to have and to hold.

And I'll keep my every promise to you with this band of gold.

Repeat Chorus

heaven sent from up above , aint that love.