carter family - "cowboy jack"


This song was recorded by Sarah, Maybelle and A.P. Carter on their first

Jack was a lonely cowboy with a heart so brave and true
and he learned to love a maiden with eyes of heaven so blue
They learned to love each other and named their wedding day
But a quarrel came between them and Jack, he rode away.

He joined a band of cowboys and tried to forget her name
But out on the lonely prarie, he loved her just the same
One night when work was over, just at the close of day,
Someone said 'sing a song Jack. It'll drive your cares away'

He left the camp next morning, breathing his sweetherats' name
For he'd go back and tell her that he was all to blame.
When he reached the prarie, he found a new made mound,
And his friends they sadly told him, they laid his sweetheart down.

Your sweetheart waits for you Jack, your sweetheart waits for you
Out on the lonely prarie where skies are always blue

There are a few more verses I'd have to look up, but this is what the
Carter Family recorded. I have one by Bobby Nichols that has more, but
generally accepted is this one.

Let me know if I can help anymore

Joe Batdorf