Jenny Lou Carson - "Jealous Heart"


Recorded by Jenny Lou Carson
Written by Jenny Lou Carson

[G]Jealous Heart, Oh, Jealous Heart stop [D]beating
Can't you see the damage you have [G]done
You have driven (him/her) away for-[D]ever
Jealous Heart, now I'm the lonely [G]one.

I was [C]part of ev'rything (he/she) [G]planned for
And I [D]know (he/she) loved me at the [G]start
Now (he/she) [C]hates the sight of all I [G]stand for
All be-[D]cause of you, old Jealous [G]Heart.

Jealous Heart, why did I let you lead me
When I knew the end would bring me pain
Now (he/she)'s gone, (he/she)'s gone and found another
Oh, I'll never see my love again.

Through the years (his/her) memory will haunt me
Even though we're many miles apart
It's so hard to know (he/she)'ll never want me
'Cause (he/she) heard your beating Jealous Heart.

Many times I trusted you to guide me
But your guiding only brought me tears
Why oh why must I have you inside me
Jealous Heart, for all my lonely years.