Bill Carlisle - "Rusty Old Halo"

(C) I know a man, rich as a king,
(G7) Still he just won't give his (C) neighbor a thing,
His day will come, (F) I'll make a bet,
(G7) He'll get to Heaven and here's what he'll (C) get;

(C) A rusty old halo, and a (G7) skinny white (C) cloud,
Some (G7) second hand wings, full of (C) patches,
Rusty old halo, (F) skinny white cloud,
A (G7) robe that's so wooley it (C) scratches.

(C) While you're on earth , shine like a star,
(G7) Brighten the corner where- (C) -ever you are,
Doin' the best, (F) that you can do,
(G7) That way you're sure that they'll never hand (C) you;

Repeat chorus: