brother phelps - "let go2"


I thought I'd include the way to play the actual notes on the intro. I also fixed some other minor
errors in the words.

Key: G major
Time signature: 4/4

E ------------------------------
B ------------------------------
G ------------------------------
D -----------------0-2--0-------
A -------0-2-3---3---------0-0--
E -3---3------------------------

Well, it's [G] often times you [C] let this old world [D] get you down
And what a [G] drag it is to [C] know it always [D] will
When [G] every day you [C] feel just a little more [D] kicked around
Cause the [C] dreams you hold so long and hard get broke and not ful-[D]-filled

Well then [G] let go, baby, [C] let the wind blow [D] through your hair
You can't [G] walk around in [C] chains and ever [D] get nowhere
[C] Something or some [D] one is telling [G] you it's over and [C] done
Well outside the free wind [D] blows, let [C] go

(repeat solo once)

Now you're at the point that you can't really trust no one
They're all after something is what you've learned
So you stay holed up in your room knowing that ain't fun
Cause it's bitterness and lonely left to hold you in return


(repeat solo twice -- there is some kind of electric guitar harmony here that I can't figure out)

(On the first two lines of this verse, hit chord once and let ring)
Well now who would think that a boob tube could find such a friend
You always could tune in to how it thinks
(Resume strumming)
Honey, the loving cup you need is a movie's tragic end
Always knocked over and spilled as you're reaching for a drink


(repeat solo once)

(solo over words)
Well then, let go baby, let the wind blow through your hair

(solo over words)
Let go...