Garth Brooks - "Belleau Wood"

Belleau Wood

Writers: Garth Brooks & Joe Henry

oh the snow flakes fell in scilence, over belleau wood that night
for a christmas goose had been prepared, on both sides of the line
as we laid there in our trenches, the scilence broke into
by a german soldier singing, a song that we all knew

though I did not know the language, the song was silent night
then I heard my buddy whisper, all is calm all is bright
then then fear in I srounded me, as I died if I was wrong
but I stood up in my tench, and I began to sing along

then across the frozen battlefield anothers voice joined in
until one by one each man became a singer of the hymn

then I thought I was green, for right there in my side
stood the german soldier, who had a fallen face of white
and he raised his hand and smiled at me, as if seemed to say
he was hopeing that we would both live to see, find a better way

then the devils clock struck midnight, and the skies lit up again
and the battlefield where heaven stood, is blowin up again

but for just one fleeting moment, the answer seemed so clear
heavens not beyond the clouds, its just beyond the field
no heavens not beyond the clouds, it for us to find here