brooks and dunn - "Silver And Gold"

Silver and Gold

Writers: Michael Lunn and Michael Noble

[Intro Cm to Eb - You'll have to play with this one as these two chords
are over 3 beats - difficult to indicate without using the grape-vine's
timing notation etc.]

Cm Eb / | / / / / | Cm Eb / | / / / / | Cm Eb / | / / / / | Cm Eb / |

/ / / / [F]

[F]She knows what's been keepin' him out too [Eb]late [F]

She never was the kind to sit a[Eb]round and wait [Eb F Eb]

She loosened the [F]locket he gave [Eb]her

She took off her [F]wedding band

[Cm]And when he gets home he'll find

[F]All she's left behind is

[Bb]Silver and [F]gold [Cm]

Havn't they lost their [Eb F Bb]shine

Tonight she let [F]go[Eb] for the last time[F Bb]

[Bb]Just silver and [F]gold [Cm]

Ties that no longer [Eb F Bb]bind her

Now he's left a[F]lone with [Cm]silver and gold [Eb F]

[F]He could've kept her love so easi[Eb]ly [F]

It wasn't like she didn't try to [Eb]make him see [Eb F Eb]

But once she made [F]up her mind [Eb]

There was no [F]turnin' back [Cm]

And he's gonna understand[F]

When all he's holdin' in his hands [Bb]is


[Cm]And what once was sacred, [Eb]only yesterday [Fm]

They don't mean a thing as she [Ab]walks away [Bb] [Cm]... (Solo)