brooks and dunn - "I Am That Man"

I Am That Man

Written By: Terry McBride and Monty Powell

This song modulates between the keys of A and D as it progresses.

D Bm G A D

[E] You put your [C#m]heart up on a [D]shelf

[E]I know it's [C#m] hard to be by your[D]self

You need some[E]one that's [A]true and [D]strong

Baby some[E]one just came a[A]long


I [D]am that [Bm] man, You're [G]trying to [A]find

I [D]am that [Bm] man, You had in mi[F#m] [G]nd [A]

And [G]I'll give you [A]all my love

[D]'Til you under[Bm]stand

I won't give [G]up, 'Cause I [A]know, I [D] am


[E] Talk is [C#m]cheap, it ain't worth a [D]dime

[E] So don't talk to [C#m] me, just give me some [D]time

I'm gonna [E] show you what [A]love can [D]be

My job won't be [E] done until you be[A]lieve

CHORUS 2X and out