Jason Boland - "Mexico Or Crazy"

Mexico or Crazy

Writers: Jason Boland & Brad Rice

E)I might go crazy, (A)or I might go to (E)Mexico
You're too far away as far as I can (B)see.
(E)I'm just a lonley gringo, (A)a lazy desperado
(B)Oh Mexico or (A)crazy its the same to (E)me.

E)I walked half a mile, (A)just to call you from a
Every time I tried but you weren't (B)there.
(E)I know its been a while (A)since your lovin' man's
been (E)home
Yea the wheels and the (B)miles aren't always (E)fair.

The sun burned my neck, and I could use a shower.
I'm living life on far too little sleep.
The rain misses this land, like by breath misses your
Sometimes what you give away is what you keep.


Through a man a dollar, he rowed us accross the river.
It's not as wide as the riff between you and me.
If there's a mountain taller, than the ones here on
the Rio,
Its hard to climb this hill on bended knee.