mitchum robert - "little ole wine drinker me"


Little ole wine drinker me

This song was originally recorded by Robert Mitchum, then Dean Martin
and Charley Walker

I'm(D) prayin' for a [G]rain in Cali[D]fornia
So the grapes will grow and I can drink more [A7}wine
But I'm [D]sittin' in a [G]honky in Chi[D]cago
With a broken heart and a [A7]woman on my [D]mind

I matched the [A7]man behind the bar for the [D]jukebox
And the music takes me back to Tennes[A7]see
When they [D]ask, 'Who's the [G]fool in the [D]corner [G]cryin'
I say that little ole [A7]wine drinker me

I came here last week from down in Nashville
Where my baby left for Florida on a train
I thought I'd get a job and just forget her
But in Chicago, a broken heart is still the same