Billy Crash Craddock - "Rub It In"


Written by: Layng Martine

Transcription Commentary: I've heard different stories about people's reactions to this early 70's hit. One friend of mine once told me that her Mama said that when she heard this song on the radio, she swore that she would never again listen to country music because it had gone too far. But another friend of mine told me that when he first heard this song, that's when he realized that he should put aside his preconceived notions and prejudices about country music and pay more attention to the possibilities that the genre had to offer. I think the song is normally done out of the key of G, but I do it in E, to make it a little more rock-ish.

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Verse 1:
Lie beside me on the [E] sand
Put some lotion on your [A] hand
Come on and make me feel [B7] nice
Then kiss me once or twice
And say you love me a[E]gain

Then rub it in rub it in
Rub it in rub it [A] in
I feel the tingle be[B7]gin
You`re gettin` under my skin
Rub it in rub it [E] in

(Do it, mmm, it feels good, do it
Do it, put a little bit on my left shoulder, do it, yeah
Do it, put a little bit right here, do it, yeah)

Verse 2:
Turn your radio on
And find a slow groovin` song
Baby whisper in my ear
Say the words I wanna hear
Make me know your love is strong


[E7][A] Put a little on my [E] nose, yeah
[A] Put a little on my [E] toes, yeah
[A] Put it on my back, and my sacroiliac
And a [B7] dab on my chinny-chin-chin