batchelor tom - "whos man sewing it on"


These are the lyrics to a parody of 'Who's That Man' by Toby Keith.
This version is by Tom Batchelor.

Turn left at the old hotel
I know this boulevard much to well
It hasn't changed since I've been gone
Oh, this used to be my way home.
They paved the road through the neighborhood
I guess the county finally fixed it good,
Oh and what's that thing?
I never thought I'd see that again.
Fight my tears back with their smiles
Drivin' up a little while,
Oh it's plain to see
The only thing missin's the rest of me!

That's my house and that's my car
That's my hard-on in my backyard
There's the window through which she threw it
After she cut it off
I planted that tree out by the fence
Not long after we moved in.
There's my kids and that's my hard-on
And who's that man ... sewing it on?

If I pulled in would it cause a scene?
They're not really expectin' me
Those kids have been through hell
And he's not putting it on very well
He'd prob'ly just take it off and leave
It wouldn't do much good to me,
It wouldn't even fit
And she'd just get out that knife again!
Drive away one more time,
A lot of things runnin' through my mind,
Guess once you lost your jack
You know you'll never get it back!



Who's that man sewing it on?