batchelor tom - "eleven to seven"


These are the lyrics to an as-of-yet unreleased country song. Copyright
Tom Batchelor.

Well I live a busy life
That's just the way I am
Between my job, my kids, my wife
Don't have much time on my hands.
Go to the plant six days a week,
Children have my evenings 'n weekends
Sometimes it makes me kind of week
'Til all the work comes to an end ...

Then ... it's ... eleven to seven,
Also known as Heaven,
We cuddle up, the lights go out,
I think you know the rest,
I'm always huffin' and a puffin'
Keepin' up with all your lovin',
I rarely even have the time to sleep.

I get out of bed at eight
Twenty minute commute
Work my butt off, even if I'm late
In my overall suit.
I come home, and then the kids
Wanna swing into town.
Fast food, shopping, and the Vids
But when their bedtime rolls around ...


Yeah it's eleven to seven,
Also know as Heaven,
Could never go this fast at work
But here with you I know it's worth
The huffin' and a puffin'
Earnin' all that lovin'
Now why o' why'd I ever wanna sleep?