batchelor tom - "appointment"


These are the lyrics to an as-of-yet unreleased country song. Copyright
Tom Batchelor.

I went on down to see
My psychotherapist
I said I'm down on my luck
And I'm feeling really ... schizophrenic
I just feel like
Nothin's workin' for me
So I went down to see you,
I've got some money for you,
And would you help me please?

He said you need some help
But not from here
Yeah, you could pay me your cash
Or go and buy a beer
But what you really need
No money can buy
I'll tell you what to do:
You need a woman who
Will stand by your side

He said I know why you're here
I've helped you before
But just a tender word
Will do you so much more
You need to find someone
Who'll share your worries and fears
And when you find that one
You'll never have to come
Back around here

'N I said I need some help
But not from here
Yeah, I could analyze
All my greatest fears
But what I really need
I can't buy with no cash
I need to get a grip,
Find a relationship
That's alway gonna last


Now you know what to do:
Find a woman who
Will take your hand for life!