loudermilk john - "the great snowman"


Now (D) Jimmy Jones was the snowman's name,
He put all the other (A7) to shame,
He had good looks and a real fine car,
He ran around breakin' all the (D) other girls hearts,
(D) Then one day, the (D7) snowman found
(G) Linda Lou started melting him down
(E7) He bought a rins and he named the day
And the (A7) great snowman started melting away


I (D) remember the day
When the (G) snow melted (D) away
And the great snowman was (A7) wed
He said (D) yes, I (A7) do
And little (D) Linda said it (G) too,
And the (D) great snowman was wed.

Now Jimmy Jones and his lovin' spouse,
Lived in a little sub divisioned house
They got six kids and a mother in law,
Another little kiddy coming in the fall,
The old Cadillac needa a paint retouch,
It's full of babie's diapers and bottles and such,
The great snowman has out grown,
All his lovely kiddy clothes.

Repeat last line to finish

Sent in by Ivor James (England)