lewis jerry lee - "if we never meet again"


If We Never Meet Again
& I'll Meet You In the Morning (Track#5)
Jerry Lee Lewis
Transcriber: [email protected]


You know I'm happy tonight.
That I have do have someone who cares.
Sometimes we feel like that we don't.
We're all burdened, burdened down with strife.

We don't know which way to go, what to do.
Ya look around, you say, 'Well, I've tried everything
I've done everything I can do'.
I, I just don't know which-a-way to go.
I just don't think I can make it.
I, I gotta use some other kind of tactics.
You know, things are not working out right'.

But that ain't no way to do it, neighbors
Just leave it to Jesus. He'll work it out.
He'll work it out the best way.
My God.
I'm not worried about nothing, myself.
Ha-ha-ha-ha. I'm just happy to be a Christian.

We haven't done any rehearsin', but just about 5 minutes
of rehearsin' with the choir on this.
But-a these people they got talent
And it really makes no difference, they can do it.
And-a, they're fine folks and they're great singers
And I appreciate 'em just havin' me out here to sing.

(Song Begins)

Soon we'll come to the end of life's journey
And perhaps we'll never meet anymore
Till we gather up in heaven's bright city
Far away on a-that beautiful shore

If we never meet again this side of heaven
(This side of heaven)
As we struggle through this old world an it's strife
(And it's strife)
Well, there's another meeting place
(Another place)
Somewhere in heaven
(Somewhere in heaven)
By the side of the river of life
(Side of the river of life)

Where the charming roses bloom forever
(For ever and ever)
And where separationd will come no more
(Separations come never more)
If we never meet again
(Never meet)
This side of heaven
(This side of heaven)
Lord, I'll meet you on that beautiful shore
(Beautiful shore)

And you know somethin' neighbors?

I'm gonna meet you in the morning
(Meet you in the morning)
Whoa, with a 'how, how do you do?'
(How do you do, how do you do?) ha-ha

We're gonna sit downÊÊÊÊ
(Sit down by the river)
Yes, we're gonna do it
By that old river
(Sit down by the river)
And with rapture
Auld flame comes we knew
(Auld flame comes we knew)

Whoa, Lord you're gonna know me
(Know me in the morning)
In the morning
(Know me in the morning)
By that big old smile
(Smile that I wear)
That old Jerry's home
(Smile that I wear)

But I'm gonna meet you
(Meet you in the morning)
In the morning
(Meet you in the morning)
In that city that is built four square.
(In that city that is built four square.