lee brent - "the kids are all ugly cause of you"


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This is a quick version of Brents infamous song. These chords work with my
voice and limited experiance. Enjoy it... Dale

^ÓThe Kids Are All Ugly (^Ñcause of you)^Ô
Brent Lee

(C)You can blame me for your heartaches and pain.
I^Òll take the blame, ^Ñcause I know it^Òs the (F) truth.
It^Òs (G) my fault the floor gets wet when it rains.
^ÑCause I^Òm too lazy to fix the hole in the (C)roof.

(C)It^Òs my fault we ain^Òt got no money.
It ain^Òt funny. But, Honey, it^Òs the (F) truth
There^Òs a(G) lot of things in my life that are my fault.
But, the kids are all ugly ^Ñcause of (C)you


Yeah, the kids are all ugly ^Ñcause of you.
It^Òs your fault they look the way they (G) do.
So keep in mind, I may seem unkind. And, I may be untrue.
But, the kids are all ugly, ^Ñcause of (C)you

You can blame me for not paying the rent.
You can blame me for smashing up the car.
I cant seem to recall where the money went.
You said I spent it all down at the bar.

So, as you^Òre packing up and walking out the front door.
I^Òve got one more thing to say before we^Òre thru.
There^Òs a lot of things that I will take the blame for.
But, the kids are all ugly ^Ñcause of you