ledoux chris - "scatter the ashes"


[C] He got busted up bad down in [Am]Lubbock
He was [F]takin' the Greyhound back [C] home
Though the [F] fire in his eye never [C] flickered
He knew the [Am] best of his good days were [F] gone

He said I'm [C]thinkin' of life in a [Am]town,
But the [F]rodeo life's all I've [C]known
And {F]I don't know what to [C]do with the rest
I'm [Am]too burned out to go [F]on

He said [C]scatter the ashes [G]over the road, [Am]then let a strong wind [F]blow
Well I [C]can't walk away, til [G]it's my time to [Am]go. [F]
He said [C]son my road back to [Am]heaven
Sometimes [F]leads me out of the [C]way
Through those [F]rodeo towns and those [C]drunken old sundowns
[Am]Someday to an early [F]grave.

He pulled his [C]saddle up over his [Am]shoulder
Said be[F]fore you throw dirt on my [C]bones
Hey tell me [F]what do you do with a [C]broken old cowboy
Who [Am]spent his whole life being [F]thrown.