ledoux chris - "goin and a blowin"


Written by: Chris Ledoux

Goin And A Blowin'

[A] Im A Goin and a blowin' and im heading down the road
[D] tryin to make a livin [A]rodeoin
ive been a driving all night neath the pail moonlight
and [B]waiting for the sun to start [E]showin
[A]theres to many miles and not enough time
but im gonna make it just the [D]same
well its a mighty tough life
but I [A]like it [F#m]alright
You [E]know I wouldnt have it any other [A]way

Well [D] ive been drinkin that ol black coffee
till it tastes like [A]tupentine
and ive [D]heard every song on the Bill Mack show
[B]purd near feel good [E]time
[A]and a little green man on a motorcycle
I passed a little while [D]ago
boy I can sure use some sleep
but [A]I gotta keep a [E]headin on down the [A]road

Lets[D] Drive up get out and get on another one
and [A]boy you better win
Cause your [D]moneys gettin low and the banker gets mad
when them [B]hot checks start rolling [E]in
[A]well aint life great on this interstate
a lookin out for smokey the [D]bear
and flyin high on caffeine and [A]copenhagen
and [E]breathing that cool night [A]air
(repeat chorus once)
[D]well its a mighty tough life
but [A]I like it [F#m]alright
You know [E]I wouldnt have it any other[A] way