lawrence tracy - "i see it now"


I See It Now
Written by: Paul Nelson, Larry Boone, and Woody Lee
Performed by: Tracy Lawrence (a good-ole Arkansas boy!)
Submitted by: Keith Reding, [email protected]

Song is played in 3/4 time - so each measure gets 3 beats. This song
is a waltz. Enjoy.


F | C | Bb | C | F | C | Bb | C

F C Bb
It's good to see your face again it's been awhile
F Dm Bb C (late transition to F)
How'm I doing', well I get by somehow
F C Bb
You sure look good since your new love came in your life
Gm C
You know I didn't see that fire in you he's found
Bb C
Oh, but I can see it now

F Dm Bb Bb C (late transition to F)
Oh, I never saw that look in your eyes
F Dm Bb C
and I never had you hold me that tight
Bb C Am Dm Gm F
and I never saw you dance with your feet off the ground
Bb C F
Oh but I see it now

Verse 2

F C Bb
Holding him you never looked more beautiful
F Dm Bb C
letting go has been so hard on me
F C Bb
and sitting here it's clear to see what he means to you
Gm C
the way you look at him it ain't no mystery
Bb C
he's all I couldn't be

Repeat Chorus