husky ferlin - "gone"


Recorded by Ferlin Husky
Writer: Smokey Rogers

[NC] Since you've [G=1] gone
The [C=4] moon, the [G=1] sun
The [D7=57] stars in the [G=1] sky
[C=4] Know the reason, Why I [G=1] cry
[D7=57] Love di-[G=1] vine
[D7=57] Once was [G=1] mine
[D7=57] Now You've [G=1] gone. ... [C=4] [G=1]

[D7=57] Since you've [G=1] gone
My [C=4] heart my [G=1] lips
My [D7=57] tear-dimmed [G=1] eyes
A [C=4] lonely soul, Within me [G=1] cries
I [D7=57] acted [G=1] smart
[D7=57] Broke your [G=1] heart
[D7=57] Now you've [G=1] gone. ... [C=4] [G=1]

Oh-o-o-o-o-oh [D7=57] what I'd give
For the [G=1] lifetime I've wasted
The [C=4] love, that I've [G=1] tasted
[D7=57] I was [G=1] wrong
[D7=57] Now you've [G=1] gone.