haney ben - "the story of us"


The Story of Us
Benjamin Haney

E5 Bsus4
People have always said
C#M7 Asus2
I could never settle down
Spend my life alone
And die hell bound
CanÕt take back the things IÕve done
Or the mistakes that I regret
Dealing with my selfish pride
And the things I should have said
C#M7 Bsus4
IÕll be the first to admit
IÕm a broken hearted man
For me to fall in love again
Is impossible

Her friends have always said
She was the queen of hearts
Love was just a game
And she always dealt the cards
The spirit of the wild and free
With a look of an angel in her eyes
One by one they all fall
And Crash when she says goodbye

Walked on by one man
Left a broken heart within
For her to trust again
Is impossible

When they first met,
She didnÕt give him a chance
Took two years,
for her to see at last
A night that summer
On the tailgate of her truck
A rose in hand
She finally tried her luck.Ê