hancock wayne - "highway 54"


Highway 54
by Wayne Hancock on That's What Daddy Wants ((c) 1999) Track 07

(E) Sittin' in the kitchen with my (A) back against the wall
I was (B7)waitin' for my baby but my baby didn't (E) call
Suddenly there came a stranger (A) knockin' on my door
He (B7) told me there had been a wreck out on highway 5 (E) 4.

She was with another man was what the stranger said
I asked if she'd survived it but he slowly shook his head
They were on their way to the other side of town
They tried to beat a freight train, and the freight train ran 'em down

(A) Highway 54 took my (E) love away from me
I (B7) knew she didn't want me, but I (E) couldn't set her free
(A) She was with another like so (E) many times before
She (B7) paid the price of runnin' round out on highway 5 (E) 4.
(yeah, run her down brother)

Many sleepless nights have passed my broken heart since then
The man that she was runnin' with once was my best friend
All the dreams that I had they fill my mind no more
'Cause they died with her that tragic night out on highway 54.


(B7)Yeah, she paid the price of cheatin' me out on highway 5 (E) 4.