fallon jared - "not ready now"


Not Ready Now
By Jared Fallon

Saw a friend of mine sittinâ at the corner bar

Said how ya hanginâ in, said fine so far

I could see in his eyes the hurt she left

A tattoo on his heart he wonât soon forget

Couldânt believe he wasnât over her yet

Tried to make him laugh but it seems he lost his smile

Could tell no one had seen it for a while

Wish I could let him know it would be okay

But he made it all clear when he turned to say

I still see her

I still feel her

Lyinâ by me ever night sheâs not around

Canât stop believinâ

I didnât stop her leavinâ

I barely breathinâ but Iâll get back somehow

Gimme time·Cause Iâm not ready now

Said lord thereâs so many things

I wish I wouldâve told her

Never know what to say

Til ya donât get to do it over