creedence clearwater revival - "wholl stop the rain2"


Who'll Stop The Rain?ÊÊ by CCRÊ (Yet Another Version)

Intro:Ê GÊÊÊ Em(add G)ÊÊ - 2x'sÊ

[G]Long as I remember the [CaddG]rain been comin' [G]down
Clouds of myst'ry [Bm/F#]pourin' confu-[C]-sion on the [G]ground
[CaddG]Good men through the [G]ages, [CaddG]tryin' to find the [G]sun
[CaddG]and I wonder, [Bm]still I wonder, [Em]who'll stop the [G]rain? [D G]

I went down Virginia seekin' shelter from the storm
Caught up in the fable, I watched the tower grow
Five year plans and new deals, wrapped in golden chains
and I wonder, still I wonder, who'll stop the rain?

Break:ÊÊ C - G - D - - Am - C - Em - - D - G

Heard the singers playin', how we cheered for more
The crowd has rushed together tryin' to keep warm
Still the rain kept pourin', fallin' on my ears
And I wonder still I wonder who'll stop the rain?

Repeat Intro chords and fade out