connors tom - "poor poor farmer"


To: [email protected]

I'm not sure who it is by, maybe Gene McLellan or Fred McKenna.


I come from the city, many months ago,
Lost everything I had, quite a stake you know.
I bought myself a section, the finest farming lands
They make a fortune, I don't understand.

I'm a poor, poor farmer, what am I going to do?
A poor, poor farmer, full of rabbit stew,
A poor, poor farmer, always on the go,
Prayin' to get my farm work caught up before the snow.

I bought new machinery, the best of every seeds,
But always buying new parts, and half my crop is weeds,
Coyotes got my chickens, while parsnips killed my cow,
Wife went home to mother, the black bear got my sow.


Rabbits ate my garden, hailstones got my wheat,
Seems I'm working round the clock, I'm really getting beat,
Grasshoppers came last evening, just like a million goats,
Before I knew just what to do, they cut down all my oats.


Got a load of grass seeds, started off for town,
Seems like every mile I made, the price kept going down,
The most of it was dockage from the wild oats to the flax,
Finally when we settled up, I owed him for the sacks.


Take Care
Merrill Barnes