World Premiere: Angela Petrilli - “Ghost Inside a Frame”

Rising singer/songwriter returns to the spotlight with an emotional and moving tribute to her departed duo partner in Roses & Cigarettes, Jenny.

Grief can come in many ways. So can success. And In the case of Angela Petrilli, just as success with her duo Roses & Cigarettes was breaking out, she lost her duo partner, and best friend, Jenny to stage 4 breast cancer. As heartbreaking as that event proved following their album Echoes and Silence, Angela Petrilli has forged forward and 4 years after Jenny’s passing, she’s back with this moving and personal single, “Ghost Inside a Frame.”

Angela’s new single was inspired by Jenny and turns the deeply personal to universal broad feels and in it’s pensiveness, it wrestles with the difficult aspect of loss, where the person you loved so much (and grew along with), has been frozen in time at the age they passed while the journey of your life continues along.

“Ghost Inside a Frame” comes from Angela Petrilli’s forthcoming EP The Voices, a recording which is set to release on May 5, 2023.