World Premiere: Austin Tolliver - "Bad 4 U"

Check out the music video for this new single from Austin Tolliver's forthcoming album for Average Joes Entertainment!

With his new single "Bad 4 U," Austin Tolliver showcases why his brand of country music has been gaining momentum. With an ear-worm like vibe, "Bad 4 U" finds Tolliver singing about a guy who is so deep in love with his girl that he's ready to be everything she's ever wanted and more while promising to her that, despite what other people think about them being together, their relationship will end up being meant to be. It's about how love can bring a couple together and through the negativity of those around them and sustain the couple for a great long time, even when naysayers thought otherwise.

"Bad 4 U" is from Austin Tolliver's forthcoming (release in 2023) album for Average Joes Entertainment. Look back to Roughstock for more info on the album in the near future.