Exclusive Premiere: Clay Aery - “Only One”

Check out our exclusive premiere of this rising star’s brand new single right here!

There’s been a resurgence of the 90s and 2000s country sounds in modern country music and we’re here for it as Clay Aery joins in on the sound with a brilliant new single called “Only One” which brings the fiddle and steel hot and heavy as the Oklahoma native sings with passion as he sings a great song (written by Craig Campbell, Jim McCormick and Joel Showmake) that tells of the love he has for a woman in his life, the “only one who turns the world right side up when its upside down.” This is the kind of country song that's very easy to enjoy and one that lends itself to repeat listens and could very well be on its way to a radio dial near you. It will be available in wide release on September 2, 2022 at all digital service providers.

What Clay says about “Only One”:
"When Craig Campbell pitched me this song I knew it was the ;only one' for me. As soon as it starts playing it makes you want to grab a 2-stepping partner. It's a real fun, uptempo tune that I think everybody will be able to relate to."