Exclusive Premiere: The Ransom Brothers - "Baby Doll"

We're big fans of discovering new music and new artists. This is why we're constantly working on bringing bands like the Ransom Brothers to you! Check out the premiere of "Baby Doll" here.

Who doesn't like a country funk jam about strong woman who hates the phrase "Baby Doll"? We're here to say that The Ransom Brothers new song "Baby Doll" is all about a guy who realizes that she's a lot more than maybe he thought she was. And, y'know, just don't call her "Baby Doll."

The band weaves a groove that backs up the story in the song about the encounter and blends country, boogie, funk and outlaw sounds together in a way that recalls The Black Crowes or, perhaps more recently, Whiskey Myers. But even then, they're distinctly their own thing. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do sharing it and hope that y'all give the band a look when their album Resurgence,  featuring "Baby Doll," comes out in a month!

What The Ransom Brothers say about "Baby Doll":

"Simply put, "Baby Doll"  is a cautionary tale about shooting your shot with a woman who’s more than you bargained for. "

-The Ransom Brothers