World Premiere: Creed Fisher - "The Wild Ones"

Check out the WORLD PREMIERE for the music video from one of the fastest-rising outlaw country music stars, only on Roughstock.

In the modern world of streaming and video watching via YouTube when you see numbers into double digit millions on multiple platforms for an independent artist like Creed Fisher, it's best to pay attention because, clearly, many people are. As such, we have been paying attention to Creed and we are so excited to be sharing the music video for his new smash hit "The Wild Ones" exclusively here.  We're sure Creed's onto something big (as those numbers attest to) and this single is proof of the arrival of America's next great star.

Like a lot of great country / outlaw country artists, Creed Fisher is an artist carving his own path and proud of his place as one of the biggest champions for the blue collar, hard working Americans and that's really what "The Wild Ones" is about: an unwavering work hard, play harder ethic and a damn good anthem for all of the folks who work a 40+ hour week and need to let loose every once and a while.

Creed recently released his latest album Whiskey And A Dog via Dirt Rock Empire and it's available (as are his other albums) on your favorite streaming service.