Exclusive Audio: Marty Brown - "American Highway"

Check out the exclusive sneak peak to the title track from Marty Brown's new album here!

Thanks to a stint on a major TV show, singer/songwriter Marty Brown has returned to the spotlight and is set to release American Highway on May 17, 2019. You can now take a listen to the track from the album to see where Marty's career is heading, now as an artist signed to Plowboy Records.

The story behind the song:
This song came to me as a title. I was driving on Highway 100, around where I live. I looked out the windshield and all this stuff was going on. There were farmers out in the field, and back in Kentucky where I’m from, if you’re driving down the road, people on the front porch will wave at you even if they don’t know you. These are real places.