Luke Bryan - "Most People Are Good"

Luke's latest single is a song which suggests a depth some fans have been longing for from one of country music's biggest -- if not the biggest -- stars.

The follow-up to the underwhelming #1 hit "Light It Up," (if something that goes #1 can be considered underwhelming), "Most People Are Good" would be considered a risky single choice for any artist, let alone one who has 19 consecutive #1 singles, but it's a risk just the same. Why is it a risk? Because it is a song that speaks of inclusiveness. It speaks about the fact that human nature is very much tied to the true fact that we all want to live our lives and let others live their lives. We really don't care what other people say or think. No. We believe most people are good, hard working people. And that's what "Most People Are Good" says but there will be someone out there who thinks this is "liberal nonsense" or from a "snowflake." But really, the song is the anti-divisiveness song. It's a song of the here and now.