World Premiere: Zach DuBois - "Pray For Rain"

Check out the world premiere of rising singer/songwriter Zach DuBois important new song from his forthcoming "Flâneur" here!

With “Pray For Rain,” rising country songwriter/artist Zach DuBois was inspired to write a song for migrants everywhere, the kind of folks who built America. He says he found the inspiration in from an iconic literary (and film) source:

"I was reading Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath at the time I wrote the song, and I wanted to put a more current spin on the story - so instead of Okies migrating to California from the Midwest during the Dust Bowl, the song is a modern-telling of a guy coming to the US from Mexico.  There is so much heated, political rhetoric surrounding immigration these days, so I didn't want to make a big political statement with the song; rather, I just wanted to show the humanity of the situation.  It's the story of a guy trying to make a better life for his family - I think that is a pretty universal message that anyone can relate to."

A native of Indiana, Zach DuBois is an interesting case study of an artist who has built everything through talent and sheer determination. As his career builds, you can step on board here with this great song, just one of many from his upcoming (and third) album Flâneur (a french word which is defined as gentleman philosopher, an apt description for Zach DuBois himself). 

You can order Zach Dubois’ Flâneur here.