Exclusive: Shelly Waters - "Time For A Change"

We love sharing new music with y'all and we're proud to partner with Shelly Waters for the premiere of her new single "Time For A Change!" Take a listen to the track here and see what is exciting about the indie artists from Portland, Maine!

It's new music time and today we've got this new video from Shelly Waters from her just-released self-titled album (link below)! we love spreading the word on great artists that may be off your radar and Shelly certainly fits the bill!

What inspired this song? Is there a specific story behind it?

Somewhere between then and now, I spent a few years wandering around trying to find my place in this big, wide world. It was a state of mind, not unlike what many others have experienced. A good bit of soul-searching led me to hit the reset button, make some changes in my life and start over. Using a train analogy, I wrote "Time For A Change" about my thought process during that period. After all, whether we're talking about relationships or life in general, it's all about jumping on or off and holding on or letting go... just like a train ride, isn't it?

What was the recording process like for this song? Do you have any funny/great stories from the studio?

I knew all along the rhythm of this song needed to sound like a train moving down the tracks which meant it was going to end up with a very "country" vibe. After producer/multi-instrumentalist Josh Kaler and I were done with this one, I was surprised to hear Josh proclaim this was the most "country" tune he had ever done. Guess there's a first time for everything!

Whose idea was the video treatment? Who directed the clip? Where did you film it? How many takes did you have to do at the shoot?

William Wright (and assistant Nico Valderrama) of Resound Media Group directed this video. Of course we had to find a train somewhere so we planned on filming at an active railway spot in North Charleston, SC. I arrived before William and Nico, just as a train was pulling away... darn, missed that!!! We waited and walked around hoping to catch another, but we were going to run out of daylight soon so decided we better follow the tracks by car instead. It did not take long to find this cool train that actually appeared to be staged just for us. With just a few takes in about an hour's time, we had the filming wrapped up just as the sun dropped below the horizon.

How do you know when it's time for a change, and what is the biggest change in your life in the past year?

I think knowing when it's time for a change comes easy; the challenge comes with deciding what to do about it. There are also times when change comes to you, whether you're ready for it or not. My husband recently accepted a great work opportunity, so the biggest change for us in the past year was moving to Portland, Maine. I'm a South Louisiana Cajun girl, he's a Gulf Coast Texan and we're now living in the most northern state on the Eastern seaboard! That's a pretty big change... but totally loving it so far!

Check out the whole Shelly Waters album below:

Photo Credit: Jenn Cady.